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mu·sall·ah [moo-suhl-luh], noun. a place set aside for Muslim daily prayers, known as ṣalah in Arabic or namaz in Persianate languages. From the Arabic root ṣalla (صلى), meaning “to pray”.

You never know where a musallah might be.

Restaurants and Mom & Pop Stores

Maybe you’re a business owner, and wouldn’t mind laying out some space in the back for Muslims who happen to be passing through and need a place to pray.

Allied Churches, Synagogues, and other places of worship

We believe interfaith can go beyond just mere words.

Mosques (of course!)

Every mosque is a musallah. Existing infrastructure is priceless.


And, much, much more.

By identifying local spaces in neighborhoods willing to set aside space for a musalla, we as a community can help make prayer easy. Think hospitals, libraries, airports, hotels…the possibilities are endless.


By the numbers

Estimated Number of Muslims in NYC

Number of Existing Mosques in Manhattan

Number of Halal Restaurants and Markets Carrying Halal Products in Manhattan

Now imagine if we could take all of these existing spaces, and make prayer on the go easy.

Five times each day, observant Muslims must perform salāt, or obligatory daily prayers, and finding a suitable place can prove tricky for those who don’t have dedicated spaces available. But thanks to the development of the new Musallah app, users can locate prayer spots close to them.

Luke Malone

Senior Writer, Vocativ

Long gone will be the days that Muslims offer their daily prayers under dark staircases, cramped hallways and dangerous parking lots because they can’t find proper prayer areas throughout their work day.

Mahvish Irfan

Writer, The Muslim Observer

Car prayers just won’t cut it. I want a world where I can give my prayers their full right. Musallah is our attempt to make inroads towards that.

Rashid Dar

co-founder, Musallah


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