We’re rallying tech companies, like Foursquare & Google Maps, to add a new category on their location apps: musallah.


mu·sall·ah [moo-suhl-luh], n. a place set aside

for the Muslim 5 daily prayers.

Synonyms: mescit (Turkey), surau (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia)

Musallahs are already *everywhere.*

We just need to be better about tracking their existence.

Restaurants • Museums  • Airports • Sports Centers • Malls • Theme Parks • Hospitals • Universities

CHICAGO: Museum of Contemporary Art

Visitors were surprised to find a full prayer room complete with a wudu station and a qibla locator at the MCA in Chicago.

TOKYO: Tokyo Station

In 2017, after an increase in Muslim tourists, the Japanese government installed a musallah in Tokyo Station, one of Tokyo’s busiest subway stations, complete with a qibla locator and wudu stations. [LINK]

SINGAPORE: Universal Studios

The Singapore theme park has a musallah (or surau) has its own dedicated building  [Link]

ISTANBUL: Vodafone Stadium

Vodafone designed perhaps one of the most creative mescits (Turkish for musallah) at their gigantic new sports center in Istanbul. [Link]


LONDON: Selfridges Department Store

Selfridges, arguably one of the most popular department stores in downtown London, has a fully functioning musallah complete with prayer mats and scarves for visitors to use. It’s conveniently located by the food court.


This University’s Musallah was designed by the late world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid in Saudi Arabia.


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The success of Musallah is based on how well we’re able to share the idea. The more people know about it, the more musallahs will be added to location apps such as Google Maps, Foursquare and Yelp, the more people can pray easily. And the more likely more musallahs will open up. Share this site and mention the project often on social media!

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We don’t take home any money from Musallah. We do need funds to pay for gas miles and photography so that we can photograph all the musallahs we can find. We also need funds for marketing, so that we can spread the word about the project in the most effective way.

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