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mu·sall·ah [moo-suhl-luh], n. a place set aside for the Muslim 5 daily prayers. 

who we are

We’re a team dedicated to helping organizations, businesses, and other buildings in opening Muslim-friendly prayer spaces.

how we can help

We can help you by

-connecting you with suppliers that can provide the materials for a welcoming musallah

-providing information on the need for more Muslim prayer spaces, and giving examples of other pre-existing musallahs within secular spaces

the need

With over 300 million Muslims living in minority contexts, there aren’t nearly enough prayer spaces to accommodate the average Muslim to pray the 5 daily prayers comfortably. Justifiably, Many Muslims fear praying publicly due to Islamophobia, and are forced to decide whether to compromise their safety and job security for the sake of prayer. Employers and government institutions can make it easier for Muslim citizens by providing them safe places to pray.

Musallahs can be *anywhere.*

Restaurants • Museums  • Airports • Sports Centers • Malls • Theme Parks • Hospitals • Universities

TOKYO: In 2017, after an increase in Muslim tourists, the Japanese government installed a musallah in Tokyo Station, one of Tokyo’s busiest subway stations, complete with a qibla locator and wudu stations. [LINK]

CHICAGO: Visitors were surprised to find a full prayer room complete with a wudu station and a qibla locator at the MCA in Chicago.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: A small musallah located in the Al Jazeera offices in D.C.

RIYADH: This University’s Musallah was designed by the late world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid in Saudi Arabia.

LAHORE: A freestanding Musallah on a farm on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan.

ISTANBUL: Vodafone designed perhaps one of the most creative mescits (Turkish for musallah) at their gigantic new sports center in Istanbul. [Link]

NYC: Troy Turkish Grill is located right next to Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC and has a musallah open to all.

LONDON: Selfridges, arguably one of the most popular department stores in downtown London, has a fully functioning musallah complete with prayer mats and scarves for visitors to use. It’s conveniently located by the food court.

Interested in opening a Muslim prayer space?

Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions regarding Muslim prayer, as well as where to source the equipment for musallahs.