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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this is an evil mozlem plot to take over the world?

A: Yep! You caught us red-handed!

(In all seriousness – if you have this kind of attitude, kindly buzz off.)

Q: What is a musallah?

A: A musallah is simply a place set aside for the Muslim prayer. Without getting too deep into the exceptions, a musallah can be located pretty much anywhere, as long as it is free from filth (i.e. not in a bathroom, for instance). This means a musallah can be indoors, outdoors, on the grass, or in a coffeeshop. In fact, any place a Muslim decides to pray has become a musallah while he or she is engaged in the prayer.

Q: Is there a difference between a mosque and a musallah?

A: Every mosque is a musallah, but not every musallah is a mosque. A mosque is a building specifically dedicated for the purpose of allowing Muslims to offer their prayers. Hence, with the definition given above, every mosque is a musallah. But if one’s musallah is located within a restaurant or a library or a park, then we couldn’t really call such a place a mosque.

Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad – may God extol him with perfect peace and blessings – is reported to have said: “The whole earth has been made good for me, a means of purification, as well as a mosque; so wherever one may be when the time for prayer comes, let him pray wherever he is.”

Q: The desi restaurant on my block is willing to leave some space in the back to serve as a musallah for neighborhood Muslims! Will I, as a musallah user, be able to submit this to you guys as a new space?

A: Yes, but in a controlled fashion. We definitely plan to harness our community’s collective power and allow users to submit new musallahs they broker themselves.  Once you submit a new musallah request, we will contact the owner of the space to confirm the details (such as hours of operation, the size of the musallah, access information, etc), after which we will hand over a verified musallah-owner account to the administrator of the new space. From here, it will be up to the administrator using his or her new account to post notices, congregational (jama’at) prayer timings, or other such changes.

The reason we want to verify all musallahs with us is to ensure that the information users see is up to date and accurate. If we didn’t do this, we’d be sure to have a lot of repeats and/or erroneous or incomplete information, and that would just clutter things up and be really unprofessional.

Q: Will these musallah's hold congregational (jama'at) or Friday (jumu'a) prayers?
A: This will be left to the discretion of the administrator of each specific musallah. Users will be able to see who the administrator of each space is on the musallah’s in-app profile page, along with their contact information.
Q: I don't like praying outside or within the public eye. Will I be able to filter the musallah results shown to me?
A: Absolutely. Users will be able to filter results by a number of different options, such as by distance, whether they are open or closed, whether they are indoors or outdoors, whether they are publicly viewable or concealed, size, whether they hold congregational or Friday prayers, and much more.
Q: I control a space that I would like to offer as a musallah. How do I get in touch?

A: Awesome! You can submit your Musallah using our Musallah Submission Page!

Q: I'd like to get involved somehow, and feel that I'd have something to offer to the Musallah team.

A: We’re always looking for talented and passionate individuals. If you feel you ought to be working here, email Rashid (